HABNER & KO: Commercial real estate


  • legal support of purchase of the ground in the property
  • translation in uninhabited fund (innovations)
  • a choice of the stable (network) tenant
  • really liquid objects (purchase and sale)
  • a recognition of the property right through a judgement
  • separate shops on the best business streets
  • the industrial and warehouse areas
  • bank premises
  • premises for restaurant business
  • sales and lease back // exclusive offer,
  • the ground areas for cottage settlements and the logistical

HABNER & KO: Commercial and specialized reality, since 1998 has provided its service at the secondary market of the ground sites and uninhabited premises.

The Company is staffed with exclusively efficient and diploma-holding experts, who consult our customers about all their questions on performing the projects on commercial reality in Rostov region.

The special field of work of our Company is involvement in the secondary market of ground sites for commercial purposes. For this market being constantly monitored by us, our customers have an opportunity to obtain ground sites with a perfect legal pre-history and their prices are rather nice.

Such bargains are under control of our specially-oriented lawyers, who represent the client's interests at every stage of the bargain - from the first meeting with the buyer and learning all the peculiarities of the site at the Cadastral department up to signing the contract of buying and getting the certificates of owning from the Federal Register department.

We also offer different kinds of renting or buying the trade, warehouse and office areas in Rostov-on-Don city and the region towns, such as Taganrog, Aksay and Novocherkassk.

The Company possesses it own ground sites which can be offered to the potential investor in case his interest.

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